It's good to have it back!

I think I literally went an entire year without crafting. I was okay with it too, since I picked up a few other "hobbies" along the way. My creative juices are flowing again, and it feels so good! Some friends and I have combined efforts to build Embellished Living. I have always wanted to participate in a craft show. It's just one of those "bucket list" things. I knew I physically couldn't do it alone, so this opportunity arose and I jumped on it. We have a couple of events coming up soon and I'm very excited to see where this will go! Please take a minute to "like" us on Facebook, and visit our blog by clicking the Embellished Living button on my sidebar.


Spinning wheels & weekly highlights

I hear the sounds of cars attempting to leave the neighborhood for their destination. Lots of crunching and spinning. It's a snow day...again. All the plans I had for the day are tossed aside and put off until tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day. I've had enough already, really. My refuge was a zumba class this morning. Guess what? Yep, cancelled. The man is home from work today, sick with what he thinks is the flu, so now all of the weekend plans are put on hold until he feels better. But it doesn't bother me too much. Luckily I have a project or two for these idle hands.

Here's a summary of our week:

- Monday: NO SCHOOL! I took Bryce to have two of his baby molars pulled due to crowding issues. We were both really nervous about this (so much that I almost rescheduled the appointment), but it turned out to be no big deal. He slept most of the afternoon and went off to school the next day. Oh, and the tooth fairy was VERY good to him for being so brave!

- Tuesday: My first kid-free day in almost a month. I worked at our church for a couple of hours, putting together bags for our F.U.E.L program. These bags go home with children from Cason Lane Academy and Scales, providing them with food for the weekend. It did me some good to put aside all of my selfish needs and help out people in our community that are in need.

- Wednesday: Got to the gym at 8:31 for a spin class that started at 8:30. All of the bikes were taken. I tried to suck it up and spend as much time as possible on the elliptical.

- Thursday: I did some much needed "grooming"! Colored my hair, waxed my brows (meant to work in a manicure, but put it off for another day). It was nice just to sit at home and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Enter to WIN!

I found a wonderful blog that I wanted to share! Mix & Match Fashion.

I follow "LOFT" on Facebook and one day in my news feed popped up some photos of outfits that blog readers had put together. I was instantly drawn to Tara's style and creativity. She's been a HUGE inspiration to my wardrobe since reading my blog and I'm proud to share it with you.

She's also hosting a giveaway on her blog. Check my sidebar for more info.


Waiting on Monday

I am now officially at the opposite end of the spectrum from December 16th.  I was ready for Christmas break...anxiously awaiting the arrival of "all day pj day" and sleeping in.  Today, it's over.  I need a normal schedule.  The KIDS need a normal, structured schedule.  They are sick of being here with each other and the fighting has begun.  I, myself reached my breaking point, when after all day on my feet, finally sat down to read a book...and "MOM!!" exploded from upstairs.  I had enough.  Mom had a Grade A, certified Hissy Fit!  It's another looong day for me since Chris won't be home until almost 7pm.  These days seem to be the hardest, especially after working my tail off the past couple of weeks.  I feel better just letting it out, and I'm going to try my best to enjoy the weekend.  Time is precious, I know.  I've said it myself, but I have lots of things I've been trying to focus on.  Monday will be welcomed here by all :)


Blowing the dust off the sewing machine

This beauty finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  It's "12 Days of Christmas" Moda jelly roll (and 2 yards of coordinating fabric).  I really wanted to make the family some new stockings this year, but with the hustle and bustle of the holidays I thought it would be a better project to put off until after Christmas.  The stockings I have in mind are quilted.  Some like these and these.  I'm a little nervous about how they'll come together, since the only quilting project I've done has been a rag quilt (and matching pillow) like the one below.

I can't wait to get these started...especially if they turn out the way I anticipate!  Promises from me to you to post stocking progress on the blog.  The fabric is washing and I'm ready to quilt this weekend!


Loving 2011

Yeah, so I know it's the 4th already.  Gotta start somewhere!  So far, 2011 has been a FABULOUS year.  The boys just woke me up about 30 minutes ago (that would be...ahem...8:30!).  I can't remember sleeping this late, ever, since they have been born.

Okay, so on to resolutions....

Did I make any?  Nah.  Not officially.

I have so many dreams and aspirations for my life as a whole, that I don't know what will be achieved in this year - or the next - or the next.  I decided that I view "resolutions" as a to-do list of sorts, thinking of them as just something else to cross off my list.  I don't want the stress.

I did sit down and think about 2010.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Was there anything I didn't want to repeat in the years to follow?  The answer is YES!

*First of all, I am going to remind myself that I am a working mom.  (I have 154 hours on my time sheet to prove it!)  I consider myself more of a full-time housewife since I am home everyday, so the burden of all the cleaning-laundry-cooking stuff falls on my shoulders in addition to work.  I decided to delegate, or just chill out.  So what if I don't have a spotless house every day?  Who sees it besides us?

That leads to the second area I want to improve in.....

*Savoring every moment with my husband and kids.  I am seeing quickly from B how soon all the kisses and cuddles become "uncool", so it's time to quit fretting all the unimportant, monotonous, day-to-day crap that I have been so focused on and enjoy my life!

This proves my point.  This post is from 2006.  Look at my to-do list!  I could put almost 90% of that same crap on a list today.  Just goes to show that I will be doing these same chores for the rest of my life.  The boys are only little once.

It's kind of ironic that I'm blogging about this since I just finished my "hit list" for this week. Yes, I need a plan. I need guidance. I need an organized way to utilize my time or I'll waste it. I need lists to stay focused. It just seems like I have so many random thoughts going through my head that if I don't write them down, I'll forget. You know how when you're walking through the house and you see something that needs attention (cleaning, moving, etc), well for some reason, if I don't write that stuff down I'll just forget. So, here are a few things on my list:
-put up Christmas tree and decorations
-address Christmas cards
-order more gifts online
-wrap presents
-clean out my purse
-get my class stuff organized
-find some outfits for upcoming parties
-pay bills
-fold laundry and put away
-work out
-color my hair
-print out titles for the store
-shop for all of these babies that are coming in the next few months!
-return clothes to Carter's

So for 2011, I am living for myself.  I will be doing things that make me happy.  It's in my blood to be a people pleaser & a control freak, so it will be a hard transition backing off from the responsibilities I have piled on my plate.

***edited to add - I tested this out today!  The 2010 me would've set my alarm (on Christmas BREAK) to make it to spin class this morning (especially since I told the instructor I would be there).  I let it go!  No alarm.  The boys were my alarm.  We woke up, cuddled, had breakfast, watched Nick Jr together and then started on another Lego set together while I enjoyed a cup of coffee :)


Good Times

Today we had some great company.  This is Libby, Kerri and Julie.  My good friends from high school.  I see Libby and Julie a bunch, but I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen Kerri!  Maybe 6 or 7 years!?!  We were very close friends especially our Senior year of high school.  We had a lot of the same classes together, and then after h.s. we both went two semesters to VolState and were carpool buddies.  I still remember her purple Prelude!  Loved that car :)

Anyway, Kerri is now an army wife so her and her husband and kids move around bunches and she always has tons of family that want to see her when she's in town.  I'm just glad it all worked out and we were able to visit with each other today and let OUR kids play together!

This is little Zane - Julie's son.  Beautiful hair and looong eyelashes!

This is Kerri's newest addition - Aliza.  She'll be very well protected by her two older brothers :)

These are the rest of the kids having lunch, minus baby Philip who was napping.

It was so good to catch up today and it made me realize I should make more of an effort with ALL of my friends to get together more often - with and without kids.